Cape San Blas Florida

If you have dreamed of the perfect vacation, once you have experienced a real “Cape San Blas” stay, your idea of the perfect beach, the perfect setting, the perfect vacation will never be the same! Visitors from all over the world come to Cape San Blas Florida and fall in love with the sheer beauty of the Cape’s pristine natural surroundings. Where else can you wake up each morning with a freshly brewed cup of coffee, and sit in the still quietness of the new day watching the sun make its way into the eastern morning sky? Then, from that same comfortable chair, wind down the day with a chilled beverage in hand, bathed in rays of orange, lavender, and pink as the western sun gently settles down for the night over the Gulf of Mexico. Speaking of coffee and beverages, make sure you stock up on all your supplies before coming because once you get out on the Cape, you certainly won’t want to waste a minute of your time returning to the “real” world.

Experience The Cape San Blas Florida Lifestyle

This narrow stretch of land, shaped much like that boney, bent finger your grandmother often pointed your way, holds the proud distinction of splitting the mighty Gulf of Mexico from the placid, calm waters of St. Joseph Bay. The amazing little diamond in the rough narrowly separates two very different shorelines and waters and yet easily bridges these different environs, making it possible for visitors to quickly enjoy both with little effort. Whether you make the slight crossing by boat, foot, or wheels, you can pull in your morning catch and be eating it for supper, perhaps while sitting around a bonfire swapping stories of the day’s adventure. Although short in length and narrow in width, Cape San Blas provides a wealth of fun and exciting activities, an endless supply of the freshest of seafood, and the sounds, smells, and views of one of the world’s most beautiful settings. So step back in time and enjoy with us a memorable Cape San Blas vacation rental that you won’t soon forget.

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