Travel Protection Insurance

With Sun Trip Preserver® Travel Insurance From Red Sky Your Vacation Investment Is Protected!

We absolutely want your vacation to go as planned however we all know things can happen that keep that you from arriving on time, require you to leave early, or to have to cancel altogether. Problems like unforeseen illness, injury, significant weather events, or worse can ruin your plans at the beach. What about loss of job or the extension of your children’s school year? If these were to happen is the expense of your vacation covered?

If you have Sun Trip Preserver® Travel Insurance from Red Sky then you’ve taken the worries about what-ifs out of your vacation plans . We proudly offer the option of this coverage with our vacations so your reservation can be covered in the event of a natural disaster or road closure; serious illness, injury or death before or during your vacation; or travel delay or delayed baggage caused by a carrier. There is also coverage in place by Sun Trip Preserver® for things like worldwide emergency assistance service and emergency roadside assistance service.

We want nothing more than to tell you your reservation is covered if you call to tell us something like the above happened to you. So please protect your reservation with Sun Trip Preserver® Travel Insurance by Red Sky, don’t let your vacation plans be ruined by the unforeseen. Make sure that you’ve checked the Travel Insurance checkbox when finalizing your vacation rental booking online. From there you’re protected by Red Sky.