Point North Magazine
Written By Julie Hostetter
Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Indian Pass Raw Bar – Port. St. Joe

Don’t Pass Up this Oyster Oasis on Florida’s C-30A

Hidden away in Florida’s Forgotten Coast is an oyster oasis not to be missed. In many ways, it’s like an oyster itself — rough on the outside, but darn tasty on the inside. If you went on appearances only, you’d probably roll up your windows, lock your doors and whiz right by, looking nervously in your rearview mirror. The building itself looks like a … well … uh … like an abandoned gas station on the brink of collapse that one stiff wind would blow off the map. Actually, it appears Hurricane Dennis tried to do just that, but this place has more grit than John Wayne.

At Indian Pass Raw Bar, oysters are their specialty — raw, baked, steamed — but you can also check out their tasty gumbo and shrimp options, too. It’s a well-known local hangout, but has lured supermodels, sports celebrities and the late, great Johnny Cash to its dinner table.

But don’t be expected to be waited on hand and foot. They’ll give you your food when they’re good and ready — you can’t rush perfection, ya know? Drinks are pulled out of a cooler while condiments, napkins and sauces are stacked on shelves ready to be snagged at a moment’s notice. Believe or not, that’s all part of the charm. If you’re the impatient finicky type, I suggest you leave your pretensions at the door. Indian Pass Raw Bar is an experience all its own, and one that’s well worth the trip off the beaten path. Directions: Get to either Port St. Joe or Apalachicola on Highway 98 and drive toward the other town. Turn onto State Road C-30A (look for signs for Rish Park on Cape San Blas) and drive for about 10 minutes. Don’t blink, you won’t want to miss this former gas station turned oyster heaven. — Julie Hostetter

Indian Pass Raw Bar