Cape San Blas Rentals By Owner Testimonials

We are Sarah and Bill Cooper, owners of COASTAWHILE at Indian Pass, FL for the past 23 years. When we decided to open our home for rental for half a year beginning in the early 2000s, we interviewed several local vacation rental companies and came away from those introductions far and away more impressed with the new guys on the beach than any of the others. In fact, we became Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals first customer.

Our friendship, respect, and professional admiration for Justin, Alyson, Suzanne, and the entire Pristine team has only increased during the subsequent years. The dialogue has been open; the response to requests and inquiries have been prompt and informative; and their customer focus both for renters and home owners has been outstanding. For the six month period of the many years that we have worked together, Pristine Properties has kept our home rented at well over 90% of the time. That occupancy rate is among the very best of the top echelon in the area.

Finally, this Spring of 2020, we decided that it was the time in our lives that we should downsize and consolidate things, so we talked with Justin and Alyson about listing our beach home for sale. Again, their professionalism and initiative benefitted us greatly as they were able to sell our home during the turmoil and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic for 97.5% of our asking price.

To say that we are great friends and admirers of the excellent team at Pristine Properties is a massive understatement. If you are in the Forgotten Coast area of Florida and have real estate needs and are not in touch with the folks at Pristine, you are missing out on a great resource for your buying/ selling /renting needs.

Sarah and Bill Cooper, Former Owner of Coastawhile

Justin and all his team at Pristine Properties do a terrific job in managing coastal vacation properties. They are very responsive to both owners and guests in all aspects. One of the many things they do well is keeping owners apprised of events affecting their properties such as approaching storms and their aftermath. It is reassuring to know our vacation home is being well taken care of. We highly recommend Pristine Properties for property management.

Tom, Owner of Barrier Dunes Unit 64

JULY was the best month we have experienced for rental receipts at Great Sunsets..ever. I want to thank you and your team for the professional service and attention you have shown us. We are excited about the improvements and much of this can be credited to your aggressive marketing resulting in increased rentals. My hat’s off to you and your team.

Jeff, Owner of Great Sunsets

We have not been very available to you and just hoped your company would care for our favorite place in the world.

The first thing I noticed was the fresh paint on the deck railing and the way the outdoor furniture was nicely arranged. Upon entering the house, it felt spacious and clean and very welcoming. The carpet, for the first time since we built the house, had vacuum tracks! Everything was in working order and we didn’t find anything that needed repair. We were able to just enter and enjoy our home without worrying whether things were falling apart.

I cannot overstate how relieved and grateful I am to know that, even with little access to us and knowing that we can”t check up on you from Atlanta, that you are caring for our house as well, well, let’s face it, better, than we would.

I know it is your business and you likely feel it is routine, but to me, it was a source of support in a difficult time. Faith in the people that you charge with your soul space (that’s where my heart lives) is essential and your company has surpassed my expectations.

I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you both for building a business with such heart, efficiency and accountability to your clients. It is rare, and it is appreciated

Margarita, Owner of Moon and Stars

When completing our new contract agreement for 2017 I realized that for over seven years Pristine Properties had managed the rental for our townhouse.  But, we had never expressed our appreciation for the great service you and your folks provide.  We could not be more pleased.  You are certainly customer service focused which is something that is rare these days.  I won’t go into specifics but let me just say that maintaining beach property form a distance is not easy, especially when we are only able to travel there a limited number of times each year.  It has been a blessing having your people there, every diligent, always on the lookout for problems that develop and handling small issues quickly while consulting with us on major problems so they can be solved expeditiously.  As a result, our place does not exhibit the wear and tear normally inflicted by the harsh coastal environment or the many renters that have been through our place over the course of seven years.  Please accept our heartfelt thanks for the great job Pristine Properties does.

Larry, Owner of Gulfaire Lighthouse Fantasea

We have just completed our first summer season with Pristine Properties as our management company. We have owned our property at Cape San Blas for 15 years and had been with another rental management company for all that time. They were a very professional concern and we enjoyed many good years with them. However, in recent years, we felt they had become complacent and took us somewhat for granted. Our rental revenue reflected those concerns. After our first season with Pristine, our rental revenue has increased and is growing. But maybe more importantly, communication with us is at a much higher level and our property management services, especially cleaning, is much more satisfactory. Thank you for welcoming us to the Pristine family and good luck in the future as you build this business.

Hank, Owner of Sea Cliff C-19

Thank you all for everything you do for us and our property. You are by far the Best property management company around.

Lisa & Devery, Owners of Away From It All

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much we have appreciated Pristine and the extra efforts your employees have expended on our behalf As you may or may not know, we had a recent plumbing emergency in our unit (#554 Barrier Dunes) with a water pipe break on the second floor of our unit and subsequent extensive damage (dropped ceiling in the kitchen and stairwell; damage to cabinets, etc). Seems like we’ve had a series of unfortunate events lately with recent replacement of the ice maker followed quickly by replacement of the refrigerator. (In addition, we locked ourselves out on our last visit over Labor Day and Betty Harwood rescued us with a spare key.)

I simply wanted to commend Betty and your employees for all of their empathy and help during these recent crises. It is so nice to deal with people who are efficient and who care (and never make you feel stupid for locking yourself out). Betty has been in frequent contact with my wife Corinne during the fallen ceiling crisis and has helped coordinate getting started on insurance coverage with Cook Insurance and eventual repair of the damage. We were hoping to come over in a couple of weeks when two of our friends visit us from Arizona, but I guess that will be out of the question now.

We have been very impressed with the switch in Property Management from Anchor to Pristine, and you and your employees are appreciated by Corinne and by me.

Chick, Owner of BD 544-54

Thanks so much Alyson.  I have been bragging to other owners in the area who do not rent their house or condo through Pristine, about what a great job you guys have been doing.  It’s fairly easy to go onto others’ website to review bookings and vice versa.  I appreciate everyone’s work.

Chris, Owner of Roman’s Holiday, Cape San Blas

Hi Justin,

No problem.  I have been really happy with your services in every way.  You guys do a great job and I really appreciate how easy and pleasant it is to do business with you all.  I especially love Suzanne and Royce, they are very special to me.  I also think that Betty, Claudia, Sherry and Stephanie do a really good job.You and Alyson are doing a great job running the business and I like how proactive you are in finding new ways to promote our area and homes.

Roni, Owner of A Tropical Breeze and Dunes Club 2A