3 Reasons to Spend Your New Year's in Florida

New Year's in FloridaPeople always hype up New Years, and how they want to spend the minutes between one year to the next. Some want to be cozy at home, while some want to go out and party. Whichever style you prefer, our team at Pristine Properties wants to convince you that visiting the Florida Gulf Coast is the best way that you can spend the wee hours of the night, going into the morning of your New Year's in Florida.

The Several Places to Celebrate New Years in Florida

If youre the type to go out and celebrate, checking out our bars and restaurants is a great place to start. Spend your New Years in Florida dancing the night away at the Haughty Heron, and take a break with a beer or cigar in hand. At the Scallop Republic, you can grab a beer on tap, while listening to live music and shooting darts. Either way, grab your travel crew and spend your New Years Eve in Florida the way you want. For more information about nightlife near Pristine Properties, click here.

Gorgeous Weather Creates Great Moods

Theres nothing like a beautiful day to put you in a great mood. After a few days, weeks, or even months of hard work, the luxury of a warm breeze and sunshine does wonders for the soul. Here on the Florida Gulf Coast, in December temperatures are typically in the 60s-which means you dont have to worry about a jacket or bundling up. Instead, worry about how youre going to celebrate the coming of the new year with your toes in the sand.

Set a Precedent for Your New Year

Travel should be a priority in your life because you never know when you wont have the ability to easily get up and go anymore-whether it depends on your job or your health. Seeing the world expands your worldview, both figuratively and literally-by understanding new cultures and seeing new places. Plus, taking time off from work does wonders for your mental health. Finally, it allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, especially if you live hours apart. By beginning your new year in a new place, maybe youll continue the trend for the rest of the 365 days.

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Choose one of our rentals in Port St. Joe, Cape San Blas, or Mexico Beach based on your preferences: whether it be proximity to local attractions, amenities, or the number of bedrooms in the beach houses. No matter where you choose, get a great nights rest whether youre out celebrating, or staying at home and counting down on your own. Once the night is over, and youre caught up on sleep, there are plenty of other things to do on the Gulf Coast of Florida to continue exploring the area during the rest of your trip. For more information about Pristine Properties rentals and spending New Years in Florida, visit our website or give us a call at 800-215-0677.
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