Your Guide to the Fish You Can Find on the Florida Gulf Coast

The stunning Florida Coast calls out to travelers worldwide with its breathtaking white sand beaches and excellent fishing opportunities. Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals put together this guide on some of our favorite fish that you can find on the Florida Gulf Coast. We have also created guides to Cape San Blas fishing charters and surf fishing you should check out as well before your fishing adventure. Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals offers an impressive selection of Florida Gulf Coast vacation rentals in the Cape San Blas, Port St. Joe, and the Mexico Beach area. Why let life pass you by? Book your dream vacation to the Florida Gulf Coast today with Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals.

10 of Our Favorite Florida Gulf Coast Fish

  1. King Mackerel: This silvery blue Florida Gulf Coast fish makes for a rich and flavorful meal.

  2. Spanish Mackerel: This Florida Gulf Coast fish is a popular choice for sushi and has a greenish back, silver belly, and sides, with oval yellow/green spots all over. 

  3. Mahi Mahi: It's hard to miss this fish's distinct appearance of a vibrant greenish/blue back, gold or silver belly, and spotted sides. The males have square faces, and the females have rounded faces.

  4. Jack Crevalle: They have either a blueish/green or greenish/gold back and a yellow or silver belly. Many people compare their taste to beef and steak.

  5. Tripletail Fish: The Cape San Blas and St. Port Joe area are home to some of the largest tripletail fish in the south. 

  6. Redfish/Red Drum: This lovely copper/bronze-colored Gulf Coast fish has a mild and slightly sweet flavor. 

  7. Sheepshead: This Gulf Coast fish is quite a sight to see as it has human-looking teeth and black and yellow stripes.

  8. Pompano: This is one of the most popular Gulf Coast fish for commercial and sport fishing. They have a compressed body, pearly shine, and delicious taste.  

  9. Triggerfish: They are a unique-looking Gulf Coast fish with bright colors, stripes, and a compressed body. They are famous for their short temper.

  10. Tarpon: These Gulf Coast fish have been swimming in the Earth's oceans since prehistoric times. Tarpons grow to a massive size of 4-8 feet and 60-280 pounds. 

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