Scallop Season in Florida: Here's What You Need To Know

The Gulf of Mexico has a wonderful way of healing our worries. Its massive size and glorious color palette remind us of how small we are in a tremendous world of possibilities. The Gulf Coast is calling you and one of the best times to answer is during Florida scallop season. 

Cape San Blas is nestled into the Gulf Coast and is one of the best spots in the world for scalloping. Start your vacation plans by selecting the vacation rental of your choice from Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals in Cape San Blas, FL. When you're done, keep reading to learn what you need to know about scallop season in Florida.

What Is a Florida Bay Scallop?

Florida bay scallops can be found in St Joseph Bay. They develop in the seagrass, so catching them is similar to an Easter egg hunt. They can swim by opening and closing their shells, making catching them a little more challenging than Easter eggs were in your childhood memories. At least they can't swim very fast, though.

How To Catch a Florida Bay Scallop

The most common way to catch a Florida bay scallop is to dive for them in 4-8 feet of water. Snorkeling along the Florida Gulf Coast is an excellent strategy for scalloping as it allows you to observe the ocean floor more clearly. You'll also need a mesh bag to store the Florida bay scallops you find while you're in the water.

When Is Scallop Season in Cape San Blas, Florida?

The Florida Bay Scallop season in Cape San Blas, FL, is between August 16 - September 24. Each person is limited to collecting two gallons of whole bay scallops in their shells or one pint of bay scallop meat in a day. The daily limit for a vessel is ten gallons of whole bay scallops in their shells or a half gallon of bay scallop meat. 

Get Your Florida Saltwater Fishing License

Before you can start scalloping, though, you need to get your Florida saltwater fishing license. You can purchase it online at Go Outdoors Florida. If you'd rather buy yours in person, you can find a place that sells them nearby by using the locate an agent tool

Answer the Gulf Coast?s call by booking your vacation rental today!

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