New Bay Front Park on Cape San Blas

While taking pictures of one of the new local parks to share with visitors and locals, it got me thinking about how fortunate our small community is to have such wonderful parks. I did a little research and discovered that with the addition of this new park on Cape San Blas, which I dont even know the name of yet, there are a total of 24 county parks and 2 state parks. Wow, thats a lot of parks! Most of these county parks are located on some type of water whether it be the bay, the gulf, the intercoastal waterway or some other fresh water lake or river. Eight of these locations have some sort of boat ramp or landing for water access. There are playgrounds for the kids, ball parks for playing tennis, baseball/softball or even soccer. Theres camping, fishing, horseback riding, kayaking, canoeing, nature trails, picnic areas and other exciting activities related to nature for the eco-friendly traveler. Many are pet friendly so you dont have to worry about leaving Rover behind. The St. Joseph Peninsula State Park is one of the landmarks of our area, winning #1 Beach in the US by Dr. Beach. I guess the point of this is yes, there are parks everywhere in the country, but few places will you find such diverse and natural parks like you can in our neck of the woods. Come see for yourself, make a day or maybe even 2 and visit them all. Tell us which park is your favorite.

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