Beach Fun (at a Distance): 5 Unique Florida Activities

Theres nothing like a day full of beach fun when you stay at Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals: the warm sun on your face, toes in the sand, and listening to the calming sound of waves cresting onshore. Take your beach day to the next level and spice up your Florida getaway with some unique, socially distanced-approved activities. Whether you prefer a relaxing venture or need to be always moving, theres something here for everyone.

5 Quirky Things to Do for Your Day of Beach Fun

Prepare for an excellent day outside your Gulf Coast vacation rental and embark on a series of beachy adventures (at a distance, of course!). When you stay at our Florida beach rentals, your health and safety are our number one priority. Hopefully, these socially distanced ventures will give you some fun, outside-of-the-box ideas to help keep you and your loved ones healthy during your summer getaway.
  1. Bring along a bucket, basket, or bag and explore the Gulf Shores for beautiful shells. Make sure the shells you pick up are vacant of sea critters before adding them to your collection. Use your seaside treasure to create jewelry or stack them in a clear vase to commemorate your fun beach vacation.
  2. Engage in a few sun salutations with some beach yoga. Roll out a fluffy towel or mat on the sand, and relax with some yoga on the beach to the natural sounds of lapping waves and singing birds.
  3. Embark on a paddling escapade with our complimentary beach gear rentals. Choose what gear youd like 24 hours before youre due to arrive, and well deliver the goods directly to your Florida Gulf Coast vacation rental. Take a kayak or SUP board out for a spin in the Gulf of Mexico and get up close and personal with the local wildlife.
  4. Bring your sand-burying game to the next level and sculpt family and friends into an octopus, merperson, or any sandy sculpture of your choosing. Once youve finished, youll have several Instagram-worthy photos to post.
  5. Pack a picnic and send the kiddos on a driftwood scavenger hunt (dry pieces preferred) to build a bonfire on the beach. Munch on a few snacks and roast some marshmallows over a campfire while appreciating a stunning, Gulf Coast sunset.

Gulf Coast Rentals for Your Socially Distanced Getaway

Our Florida vacation rentals are perfect for a safe and healthy summer vacation. Our house and condo rentals provide a level of privacy that standard hotels and resorts cannot offer. We can accommodate family and friend groups of almost any size; theres even a room for your beloved pooch. For more information on our Florida beach rentals, please contact us. Our helpful staff is happy to assist you.
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