Discover Florida Birds near Your Gulf Coast Rental

Picture of a Florida bird.Those who love learning about our feathered friends will love the diversity of Florida birds that thrive near Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals. Listen for intriguing bird calls at your Florida Gulf Coast rental, or embark on an exciting birding expedition. Visit a nearby Audobon or bring along a guide on your journey. Youre sure to appreciate the vast array of waterfowl within proximity of your Florida rental.

An Overview of Florida Birds on the Beach

Florida birds are most abundant during the winter, spring, and autumn months. Spend a few hours meandering the sunny shoreline for our aviary friends. Gulls might be the most apparent, so be sure to keep watch over any food you mightve brought. They have no qualms about grabbing potato chips right from your hand. Some less intrusive Florida birds include terns, which look like gulls, except that they are lighter and smaller.As for long-legged Florida birds, herons and egrets are magnificent to behold. Both tend to congregate near water anywhere in the Sunshine State. Colors to look for on egrets and herons include white, grey, blue feathers, and yellow legs. Keep an eye out for pelicans with their curved beaks and any possible beach nests. If you see any signs warning about shorebird nesting areas, be sure to give a wide berth.

Florida Gulf Coast Birding Eco Tour

Eco tours provide a fantastic opportunity to glean more about our feathered friends near your Florida Panhandle beach house rental. Sign up for a hiking, kayaking, or boating outing, and an experienced guide will happily answer all your bird-related questions. Create cherished memories with your loved ones learning about the diverse habitats and their fascinating inhabitants.

Foster Your Love for Birding with a Gulf Coast Rental

Embrace the best parts of beach living at our spacious accommodations on the Gulf Coast. Wake up to the sounds of waves, dig your toes in the soft sand, and discover the best Florida birds. Our vacation homes extend across the panhandle, so youre sure to find something youll love. Check out our Indian Pass, Cape San Blas, Port St. Joe, and Mexico Beach house rentals online, and dont hesitate to call us at (800)-215-0677 with any questions you might have.
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