Posted on 10/15/2019

Where to Find the Best Bar and Restaurant Near Me

Oysters close up.During Gulf Coast getaways, there is so much to see and do, whether its scalloping, touring Cape San Blas, or relaxing on the beach. Enough choices already present themselves during vacation, so when it comes to picking a place to eat, you shouldnt have to struggle. Sometimes you want a strong drink and some hearty food, and we at Pristine Properties are here to help you out. Check out our list, so you dont have to search for the best bar and restaurant near me during your stay on the Gulf Coast.

Choosing the Best Bar and Restaurant Near Me

Although we can all agree that we need good food and drinks, some people prioritize different preferences over others. For example, maybe your mom wants a glass of her favorite kind of white wine to end the day, while you want to make sure that you can get some fried food for dinner. Maybe your dad wants to make sure the restaurant isnt too far from your choice of our Gulf Coast vacation rentals. Whichever way you sway, decide which of these is your favorite when looking for the best bar and restaurant near me.

Indian Pass Raw Bar

If Johnny Cash has made an appearance here, so should you. Walk right into the back and snag a bottle of beer for yourself, or pour some right from the tap. In terms of food, everything Indian Pass Raw Bar serves is steamed, stuffed, or raw: whether its oysters, shrimp, or crab. If youre not a seafood person, you can opt for a hamburger, hot dog, corn dog, or even the Key Lime pie while your companion chows down.

Krazyfish Grille

If youre one to try specialty cocktails, Krazyfish Grille is your best bet when searching for the best bar and restaurant near me. Its drink list goes past the typical beer, wine, and spirits, with margaritas, martinis, frozen drinks, and cocktails like the Pink-a-Colada, Pineapple Pirate, and Captain Crazy. And their selection of food matches up too: order wild gator, shrimp and grits, the snapper platter, burgers, sandwiches, and even sushi a few days of the week.

Sand Bucket Smokehouse & Grill

At Sand Bucket Smokehouse & Grill, pair Southern barbecue with beer or wine. Wings, brisket, pork, fried mac and cheese bites, and more are served in bucket-shaped trays, in tune with the name of the joint.

Florida Getaways

Trying out our restaurants and bars might become one of your favorite things to do on the Gulf Coast. Our mix of seafood, barbecue, and other cuisines is something you have to experience during your Gulf Coast getaways. For additional recommendations for the best bar and restaurant near me, visit us on our website or give us a call at 800-215-0677.
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