Family-Friendly Florida Shelling Tips & Tricks

A family of four can be seen shelling on the Florida coast, equipped with the best tips included in this blog.Shelling along the Florida Gulf Coast is a fantastic family-friendly activity, especially when you come prepared with the best tips and tricks. Spend your days meandering through the area beaches with your loved ones, searching for unique shells, and making unforgettable memories.Our sandy communities are perfect for natural beach lovers, especially when you need a nice escape from cooler climates or busy lifestyles. Along the Florida Gulf Coast, you and yours can take it easy!Summer months are rolling in, so get ready for a relaxing, sun-filled family vacation with Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals. We know our warm waters and shell-filled shores are calling to you, drawing you in with stunning sights, Floridian hospitality, and much more. To help you have a delightful time, we have curated a list of the best Florida shelling tips and tricks! Keep reading for more information

10 Simple Florida Shelling Tips

Shelling is a popular activity for Floridian locals and visitors alike! Our pristine beaches on the Gulf of Mexico always have different kinds of mollusk shells that wash up on the shores. As long as your shell is void of a living creature when you find it, you are more than welcome to take it home.
  1. Bring some buckets or pails, which you can for affordable prices online

  2. If you plan on going in the water, consider taking a few nets to catch floating shells

  3. Start early- you will not be the only person trying to find the best shells

  4. Plan your shelling before or after low tide, allowing new shells to wash up

  5. Never rush because a good shelling outcome takes time- just relax

  6. Snoop around where the sand is wet to find colorful newer shells

  7. Visiting after a storm? Go shelling immediately for surprising discoveries

  8. Bring your kids along, which should go with saying

  9. Explore remote areas, looking where others wont

  10. Find accommodations near the beach for convenient shelling trips

That last tip is incredibly easy to achieve when you stay with Pristine Properties! Our vast portfolio of vacation rentals, spanning across Cape San Blas to Mexico Beach, dot the gulf coastline. Youll be able to go shelling and collect one-of-a-kind souvenirs to commemorate your Gulf Coast visit. Book your stay with us online today!
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