Guide to the Perfect Florida Beach Picnic

A group of friends enjoy a picnic on the beach on the Florida Gulf Coast.Theres truly nothing better than a day at the beach in Florida, especially if you plan a beach picnic. Whenever the ocean calls your name, no matter the time of year, consider booking a relaxing beach vacation with Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals, a family-owned and operated vacation rental company that has grown to be the largest property management company in the area. We want to help the best beach vacation on the spectacular Florida Gulf Coast.One of the best ways to enjoy the year-round Florida weather is to head down to the beach for a picnic. We welcome you to read our guide to the perfect Florida beach picnic. Every day is a picnic when you're in Florida with family and friends.

Florida Beach Picnic Essentials

The best picnics are those that involve a little bit of planning. You can elevate your whole beach experience with the most suitable picnic accessories and essentials. Keep your wine chilled, food fresh, and yourself all comfy and cool by having the following picnic items:
  • Wind & Shade Protection: beach umbrellas, wide-brim hats, and sunscreen
  • Beach Towels & Blankets
  • Reusable Cloth Napkins & Plates
  • Wine Tumblers & Drink Coolers
  • Ice Packs & Insulated Picnic Basket
Of course, every picnic is personalized and you can certainly bring whatever you want. Good news: when you book with Pristine Properties, you can get a variety of beach gear delivered to your reservation, from beach umbrellas to bikes. Our company will help provide you with the necessary beach gear for your Florida picnic!

Get Takeout From Local Restaurants

Support our local businesses by grabbing a meal to eat during your picnic! We have listed some of the best local restaurants near our rental properties that offer great takeout options. Your picnic will be even more stress-free than ever when your meal is already prepared lovingly by the restaurant staff.Feel free to ask our team for their personal recommendations when you book with us!

No Place Youd Rather Be

Pristine Properties Vacation Rentals is here to help you create vacation memories to last a lifetime! You can easily access all the amazing towns along Floridas Gulf Coast by staying at one of our many vacation rentals, from charming seaside chateaus to pet-friendly houses. We have you covered. Check out our availability and book your Florida vacation today! 
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