Beach bonfires, a great way to spend the evenings while on vacation.  Just imagine the cool breeze from the gulf, hot dogs and marshmallows roasting over an open flame and tall tales being told about the days catch.  This is quality time a family will never forget and it’s as simple as gathering wood, bringing down a beach chair or towel and lighting your fire.  There’s no need for lavish entertainment when you’ve got each other.  Isn’t that what family vacations are for?  Unlike some of our neighboring coastal communities where bonfires are prohibited or you’ve got to pay $50 for a permit, the Beaches of Gulf County will allow them for free.   Please remember; however, to use simple caution when doing so.  Make sure that your fire is well down on the sand closer to the waterline than the dunes and do not burn wood that contains nails or garbage.  And remember to please clean up after yourself in order to keep these beaches some of the most pristine in Florida.  Now, grab the family, pack the marshmallows and head on down to the beach!