Live Like a Local on The Forgotten Coast

"Live Like a Local on The Forgotten Coast"Cape San Blas, Mexico Beach FloridaIf you want to get away this winter, The Forgotten Coast of Florida seems pretty enticing. But dont just plan a week, why not plan to stay for a month or two and live like the locals. While this sounds like what we would do when we retire, its actually becoming more mainstream for people who just need a change of scenery. If you are one of those fortunate enough to work from any location, this may be a great opportunity to experience something different this winter.But why the Forgotten Coast? There are plenty of reasons like the sun and the sand. Or maybe just that this is a laid back area. If thats not enough, here are a few more reasons to come check us out.

  • Secluded Beaches - Winter is the best time to hang on the beach here. There are no crowds as all the spring and summer vacationers are gone. The locals are all at work, so you can have the beach to yourself.
  • The Great Weather - While most of us experience much that is cold in the winter, The Forgotten Coast has an average high of 68 in November and 61 in December, and then they start to climb back up. Water temperature is pretty remarkable with 72 degrees in November and 64 in December being the averages.
  • Oysters - Yes, I said oysters! This is the best time of year to eat the World-Famous Apalachicola Oysters.
  • Good Food - If the oysters werent convincing enough theres so much to ay about the local restaurants. Many serve fresh, local seafood and again, there are no crowds or long wait times. Most of the restaurants run a lot of specials and deals this time of year to encourage dining out.
  • Live Entertainment - Many of the bars & restaurants feature live entertainment for free on the weekend.
  • Fishing - Fishing is really good during this time of year, especially inshore or surf fishing. Lots of people come to the area to experience the fishing this time of year. Maybe it wont have to be the story of the one that got away.
  • Cheap Prices - Not only can you find good deals around town, but vacation rental prices are a lot lower too. You can rent a property for a full month at what it would cost you for two weeks in high season.
Spending a month affords you the opportunity to live like a local without being a local. It's really quiet without the crowds that you would find in our neighboring destinations such as Panama City or Destin. Why not book a Cape San Blas vacation rental for a month or maybe two? Our communities also offer serenity and great opportunities during the winter months. If you are looking for a vacation rental in Cape San Blas, Indian Pass, Mexico Beach or St. Joe Beach, Pristine Properties has a great selection of 250 rentals for you to choose from.We're still a quaint little fishing village or as some call us, the Destin of 15 years ago.